During extensive travels around the world, Jim Wilcox—Atlantic recording artist and creator of Unity of Noise—continually noticed one thing. There’s no denying that music unites us all. There’s a calling to create it, to celebrate it, to share it, and to analyze it. And if you’re lucky enough to get together with fellow music lovers, (as long as your mind is open) something amazing will always happen. Regardless of skill, genre, or instrument, you will learn something. You will be inspired. And from that, you will create something else. This is the endless circle of musical creativity that we all feed off of. And when you open yourself up to it, you experience an energy that true creators will celebrate and chase forever.

It’s is that energy that Jim and long-time musical collaborator, Chan Redfield (who’s credits include: Canon, Budweiser, Nascar, McDonald’s, Nickelodeon, Skullcandy and more) aim to cultivate with Unity of noise.

Jim and Chan met decades ago as both their bands we’re touring the country. The two found that they shared an obsession for writing, recording, and producing in a wide variety of genres both inside and outside of the styles their bands. With downtime between tours and records, collaboration was inevitable, and the ease workflow between the two was undeniable, although unexpected.

“One of us just comes up with an idea for a hook,” Chan explains. “From the there the song usually just takes off rapidly, with me mostly focusing on chords and melody and Jim focusing on the arrangement, rhythms, and overall production.” Jim goes on to add “In that sense, we’re extremely lucky to be able to share ideas and crank things out so fast without diluting the original idea. We felt it was only natural to find others like us and to build this thing up to be a united force of musicians and producers helping each other.”

Enter Unity of Noise! We are a collective of professional and independent musicians, performers, and producers who create tools to assist all musicians in their journey. The UON family lives by the following mantra and we invite you to do the same.

Do something each day to better your craft.
Elevate and inspire each other.
Respect all genres and skillsets—it fosters musical wisdom.
Share your work with the world, it creates ripples for us all.

We invite you to browse our library of handcrafted, high-quality samples, sounds, templates, tutorials and more. If what we’ve done here helps your creations in any way, please feel free to share it with us.

Now stop reading and start creating.