Blue Collar Prophet

Jim Wilcox has never been one to settle for the status quo musically, and his open-mindedness and commitment to pushing the musical envelope has served him well. As drummer for Arizona ska/punk legends Authority Zero he embarked on a musical adventure that included six full-length international releases and numerous world tours. Now, after a 14-year stint behind the drum kit for A.Z., Wilcox has hastened the next step in his musical journey by focusing on musical his production and DJ’ing under the alias Blue Collar Prophet, focusing his efforts on Bass Music.   

“Most people are surprised to learn that I grew up on music such as Hip Hop, and even House Music because I played with a punk band for such a huge portion of my life,” Wilcox explains. “I was drawn to the rhythms of hip hop, and the 4 on the floor steadiness of House at a very young age. My brother had me listening to allot of hip hop growing up so it’s always been an interest of mine to be a DJ”.

During nearly a decade and a half of pursuing his passion for rhythm behind the drum kit Wilcox kept his forays into musical production and DJ’ing under wraps playing parties and such with friends when off tour. Today he has come full circle. Wilcox is now an award winning DJ with residencies in Scottsdale and Denver and has traveled all across the U.S. and Canada opening for such acts as, Morgan Page, TJR, Will Sparks and Carnage.  Wilcox’s musical background and ability to play to any room has really brought him into his own. Taking influences from not only the EDM scene but the Turntablist scene as well has given Wilcox the ability to play to any room / event at anytime.  Producing a variety of original tracks and remixes with acclaimed responses world wide we have yet to see the full potential of Blue Collar Prophet, He’s definitely one to keep an eye on.