James Wilcox


Jim Wilcox has never been one to settle for the status quo musically, and his open-mindedness and commitment to pushing the musical envelope has served him well. As drummer for Arizona ska/punk legends Authority Zero he embarked on a musical adventure that included six full-length international releases and numerous world tours. Now, after a 14-year stint behind the drum kit for A.Z., Wilcox has hastened the next step in his musical journey by focusing on music production.

“Producing and writing has always been a huge part of my life, so that is my main focus,” he says. ” I have a soft spot for sound design and creating compositions that I like to call “epic”. I’m also really love remixing, and putting a spin on a track that surprises people” Remixes for artists including the Love Me Nots, The Beastie Boys, Cut Copy, Rage Against The Machine and J-Fresh have received positive critical response.

“I feel bands that don’t push the envelope just get lost in the mix and will never progress with the time. Music is all about progression and what can be done tomorrow.” he says. “You have to progress, keep it fresh, and take what you’ve developed and build on it. Don’t be afraid to try new things and be different. It’s that difference that sets you apart from everyone else.”