Stealthlike Mi

If you took Bjork, Kurt Cobain, NIN, Bikini Kill, The Beastie Boys, the layered harmonies of Boys 2 Men, and a few old school Rave sounds, along with many other influences from the 80s-90s and tossed them in a blender, you would get Mi’ of Stealthlike Mi. 

Self taught singer and guitarist Mi’ once fronted an all girl Riot band at 15. Mimi dabbled in MCing in the underground Hip Hop and Rave scene in Philadelphia at 18 and eventually become the front women of an Experimental Alternative Rock band in LA, singed to an indie label. 

Now a seasoned artist comfortable in her own sound, Mi’ has since gone solo! These last few years she has focused on putting out new music, collaborating with a long time friend and now Brother In Law, Jim Wilcox of, Unity of Noise Records. 

Together they have quite the musical history with a plethora of musical influence. This has inspired a sound that feels familiar yet refreshingly unique. It sneaks up on you, Stealthlike, making sure you feel ALL the feels. You can’t help but feel a connection with Mi.’