Stealthlike Mí

Once known as MC M-Devine, singing over underground DJS in Philly, to being featured in Philly Style Magazine as a Musical Vanguard in 2003, lead singer and guitarist of a Los Angeles up and coming alt-rock from 2004-2008, Stealthlike MI is coming back and claiming her spot in the music scene once again as a solo artist.

After years of sharing music with one another, and tossing around ideas, MI linked up with long time friend, drummer now producer James Wilcox, to create what would be her come back EP. The music is a clear depiction of their musical journey, MI’s diverse sound, and vocal versatility. The lyrics are haunting reminiscent of some of her main influences, the late Kurt Cobain, BJORK, and Portishead.

“I am the product of the 90s, with that and a few decades of experimenting, writing, performing and growing you have Stealthlike Mí.”

Stealthlike Mi